3 November

Hall 1



Surgery of combat and civil injuries

Bryusov P. (Moscow, Russia)


Open ceremony



Urgent surgery in multisystem injuries

Moderators: Agadjanian V.  (Leninsk-Kuznetskiy,  Russia), Kirienko A., Sazhin A., Shabunin A  (Moscow, Russia)

Urgent surgery in abdominal injuries. European protocol.
20' | Tilsed J. (Beverly, Great Britain)

Treatment of  abdominal injuries in multisystem trauma. Israel protocol  
15' | Waksman I. (Nagaria, Israel)

Severe multisystem injury. Surgical perspective.
15' | Shabunin A., Parfenov I., Bedin V., Drozdov P., Grekov D., Shikovv D. (Moscow, Russia)

Combat and civil abdominal injuries
15' | Samokhvalov I., Suvorov V., Goncharov A., Markevich V., Reva V., Pichugin A. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Pelvis fracture and hemodynamic instability – surgical tactics  
15' | Gordienko D., Korobushkin G., Ostapchenko D., Egiazaryan K., Lysko A., Kirienko A. (Moscow, Russia)

10' |



Current surgical tactics in thoracic injuries

Moderators: Abakumov M.,Bryusov P. (Moscow, Russia),Porhanov V. (Krasnodar, Russia)

Combat and civil thoracic injuries.
15' | Porhanov V. (Krasnodar, Russia)

Current differentiated surgical tactics in patients with multiple and floating rib fractures
15' | Korymasov E. (Samara, Russia)

Surgical treatment of severe associated chest injuries
15' | Kochergaev O. (Samara, Russia)

Thoracoscopy in chest injuries
15' | Voskresenskiy V. (Moscow, Russia)

Peculiarities of surgical tactics in multiple and multisystem chest injuries
15' | Abakumov M.  (Moscow, Russia)

15' |



Intensive care in patients with severe combined injuries

Moderators: Petrikov S., Protsenko D. (Moscow, Russia), Schegolev A. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Golden hour in polytrauma management
15' | Protsenko D. (Moscow, Russia)

Head injury and severe multisystem polytrauma: Intensive care
15' | Petrikov S. (Moscow, Russia)

Respiratory support in severe multisystem injuries
15' | Vlasenko А. (Moscow, Russia)

Nutritional support in severe multisystem injuries
15' | Shakot’ko A. (Moscow, Russia)

Transportation of patient with severe multisystem injury. Field anesthesiology and resuscitation.
15' | Schegolev A. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

15' |



Multisystem injuries

Moderators: Gumanenko E., Khominets V. (St. Petersburg, Russia), Kavalerskiy G. (Moscow, Russia), Pronskikh  А. (Leninsk-Kuznetskiy,  Russia)

Civilian and military trauma-systems: past, present and future
10' | Zavrazhnov А.  (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Severe multisystem injuries: treatment strategies and surgical tactics in acute period of traumatic disease
10' | Gumanenko E. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

External fixation in current treatment of high-energy long-bone fractures
10' | Khominets V. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Treatment of bone and vascular injuries of upper and lower extremities
10' | Kim D. (Tashkent, Usbekistan)

Surgical treatment of brain compression injuries in polytrauma
10' | Fedorov M. (Leninsk-Kuznetskiy, Russia)

Endovascular occlusion of aorta – possibilities and perspectives in combat injuries
10' | Reva V. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

“Directed nail” concept in urgent treatment of multisystem injuries
10' | Lobanov G. (Donetsk, Ukraine)

Pecularities of pelvis fractures in different participants of RTA
10' | Grin’ А. (Tyumen, Rusia)

Pain after polytrauma – how to help the patient 1
15' | Kopenkin S. (Moscow, Russia)



Treatment of injuries in children

Moderators: Vybornov D., Kresatyashin I., Mitish V. (Moscow, Russia)

Polytrauma in children: main definitions and principles of treatment
10' | Karasiova O. (Moscow, Russia)

Results of brain injuries treatment in specialized trauma hospital
10' | Lastaev Т. (Leninsk-Kuznetskiy,  Russia)

Surgical tactics in spleen injuries in children
10' | Gorelik  А. (Moscow, Russia)

Thoracic injuries in the structure of polytrauna in children
10' | Timofeeva  А. (Moscow, Russia)

Intramedullary nailing in forearm fractures in children
10' | Ti-Min-Chua  D. (Moscow, Russia)

Laser-therapy in complex treatment of proximal radius fractures in children
10' | Narzikulov U. (Zheleznodorozhniy, Russia)

Peculiarities of diagnostics and treatment of condylar fractures of humerus associated with neuro-vascular injury
10' | Masharipov F. (Tashkent, Usbekistan)

Efficacy of different treatment strategies for condylar fractures of humerus in children
10' | Gozun А. (Tiraspol, Moldova)

Surgical treatment of proximal femoral fractures in children
10' | Pavlova D. (Moscow, Russia

Hall 2


Satellite symposium Sandoz (not included in CME)

Pain management and prophylaxis of re-fractures in trauma surgery

Pharmacotherapy as integral part of the treatment of proximal femoral fractures and the base for re-fracture prophylaxis in osteoporosis
40' | Rodionova S. (Moscow, Russia)

Problems of pain management and osteoporosis in traumatology: legal questions – practical answers
40' | Marchrnkova L. (Moscow, Russia)

10' |


Satellite symposium Gedeon Richter (not included in CME)

Expanding possibilities: how to avoid mistakes on pain management?

Moderator Korobushkin G. (Moscow, Russia)

Pain in trauma surgery. Time to make decisions
30' | Korobushkin G. (Moscow, Russia)

Acute pain: possibilities of multimodal therapy
30' | Strakhov М. (Moscow, Russia)

Atypical and typical pain in trauma praxis: difficult questions and answers
30' | Kopenkin S. (Moscow, Russia)


Satellite symposium Berlin-Chemie (not included in CME)

Gout and surgical pathology: place to meet at round table

Moderators: Sikilinda V. (Rostov-on-Don, Russia), Eliseev M. (Moscow, Russia)

Gout from traumatologist’s perspective: love story at the first glance
30' | Sanoday V. (Voronezh, Russia)

Gout from rheumatologist’s perspective: tale about lost time with the happy end
30' | Eliseev M. (Moscow, Russia)

Gout from therapeutist’s perspective: the etalon of multimorbidity
30' | Zheliabina O. (Moscow, Russia)



The role of neurosurgeon in polytrauma treatment

Moderators: Dulaev A. (St. Petersburg, Russia), Dreval О.,Shaginyan G. (Moscow, Russia), Novokshonov A. (Leninsk-Kuznetskiy,  Russia)

Brain injuries in polytrauma. Multidisciplinary approach
20' | Shaginyan G. (Moscow, Russia)

Algorithms of the spinal injuries treatment in polytrauma: what, where, when.
20' | Dzukaev D. (Moscow, Russia)

Surgical treatment of severe craniofacial injuries
20' | Shaginyan G. (Moscow, Russia)

The role of neurosurgeon in polytrauma treatment
20' | Трофимов А.О. (Moscow, Russia)

Severe spinal injuries in polytrauma: principles of treatment
5' | Badalov V. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

The organization of urgent spinal care in the settings of big city
5' | Dulaev A. (St. Petersburg, Russia)



Biotechnologies in the treatment of the consequences of injuries and joint diseases

Moderators: Malanin D. (Volgograd, Russia), Yarygin N. (Moscow, Russia)

Individual approach for the choice of hyaluronic acid medicaments in osteoarthritic patient 2
15' | Strakhov М. (Moscow, Russia)

First stage of combined out-patient treatment of big joints osteoarthritis 3
15' | Korablyova N. (Moscow, Russia)

Current opinions about possibilities of the delay of replacement procedures 4
15' | Kochish A. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Targeted therapy of the musculo-skeletal pain 5
15' | Karateev A. (Moscow, Russia)

AMIC-technology in the treatment of extended defects of cartilage in the knee
10' | Shpak М. (Moscow, Russia)

Collagen scaffold and PRP – biological duet
10' | Мурин Д.В. (Moscow, Russia)

PRP-therapy in the multimodal treatment of knee osteoarthrosis
10' | Danilov М. (Moscow, Russia)

Hall 3



Multidisciplinary approach – fashion or necessity in the trauma surgery of elderly patients?

Moderators: Belaya Zh., Farba L. (Moscow, Russia)

Trauma care in the elderly. Challenges and solutions: proximal femoral fracture.
30' | Farba L. (Moscow, Russia)

Medication after the fracture. WHO consensus 6
30' | Belaya Zh. (Moscow, Russia)

Geriatricians  - who they are? The role of geriatrician in comprehensive evaluation of elderly patient 6
30' | Коtovskaya Yu. (Moscow, Russia)


Satellite symposium Sanofi  (not included in CME)

Osteoarthritis treatment

Moderators: Akhtyamov I. (Kazan, Russia)

МThe role of hyaluronic acid in the osteoarthritis therapy
30' | Kopenkin S. (Moscow, Russia)

Gonarthrosis treatment: what and ahen?
30' | Afanasyev A. (Moscow, Russia)

30' |



Geriatric wrist – inevitability or disease?

Moderators: Egizaryan K., Miguleva I., Tschulovskaya I. (Moscow, Russia)

Geriatric wrist
10' | Tschulovskaya I. (Moscow, Russia)

How can we restore mobility and avoid morbidity in distal radius fractures?
20' | Fernandez D. (Bern, Switzerland)

Mistakes in the treatment of distal forearm fractures (clinical and expert analysis)
10' | Lyadova M. (Moscow, Russia)

Challenges in medical care system for “wrist surgery”
10' | Afanasyev  L. (Moscow, Russia)

The treatment of post-traumatic deformities of the distal radius in elderly
10' | Obuhov I. (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Dupuytren's contracture in elderly
10' | Miguleva I. (Moscow, Russia)

Tunnel syndroms in elderly: diagnostics and treatment
10' | Skvortzova M. (Moscow, Russia)

20' | 



Complex foot deformities

Moderators: Davydov D., Korobushkin G. Parshikov M. (Moscow, Russia)

Pes cavo-varus
20' | Maynou C. (Lill, France)

The role of multispiral CT in acquired flat-foot deformity in adults
10' | Bobrov D. (Moscow, Russia)

Pre-OP planning and the treatment of rigid deformities and arthritis on the mid- and hindfoot with distraction method
20' | Kirienko A. (Milano, Italy)

Optimization of the osteotomy plane and final tuning in foot deformities correction
10' | Mazalov A. (Moscow, Russia)

Transposition of tendon-muscle units in peroneal neuropathy
15' | Fedarau K., Sukharau A., Yazersky K, Kheilik S. (Minsk, Belarus)

Challenges in surgical correction of the rigid cavo-varus deformities
15' | Miroshnikova Е. (Moscow, Russia)

15' |



Osteoarthritis: from non-operative to surgical treatment

Moderators: Zagorogniy N., Ochkurenko A. (Moscow, Russia)

ОOsteoarthritis: two views on same problem 7
15' | Zagorogniy N. (Moscow, Russia)

Non-operative treatment of osteoarthritis : can it be successful? 7
15' | Chichasova N. (Moscow, Russia)

The role of structure-modificating medicines in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Results of multicenter study 8
15' | Rodionova S. (Moscow, Russia)

May non-operative treatment of osteoarthritis be alternative to the surgical treatment? 5
15' | Strakhov М. (Moscow, Russia)

Possibilities of non-surgical treatment of osteoarthritis 9
15' | Badokin V. (Moscow, Russia)

Combined chondroprotectors (hyaluronic acid and amino acids) in the local therapy of osteoarthritis from the perspectives of evidence-based medicine 10
15' | Strakhov М. (Moscow, Russia)

Therapeutic aspects of osteoarthritic patient preparation for surgery 9
15' | Amirdzanova V. (Moscow, Russia)

Hall 4


Satellite symposium MSD  (not included in CME)

Will the human being use own joints 100 years later? Opinions of 3 futurologists

Rational pain management in the injuries and diseases of musculo-skeletal system
30' | Karateev А. (Moscow, Russia)

Perioperative pain-management in traumatology
30' | Kopenkin S. (Moscow, Russia)

For the pain-less future
30' | Strakhov М. (Moscow, Russia) 



Current application of external fixation technologies (theoretical course). Part 1

Ilizarov: device, method, discovery. Current external fixation
30' | Solomin L. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Unification marking of transosseous fixation
15' | Sabirov F. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

External fixation as definitive fracture treatment
30' | Kulesh P. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

The atlas of «Recommended positions” for the placement of transosseous elements
15' | Sabirov F. (St. Petersburg, Russia)



Current application of external fixation technologies (theoretical course). Part 2

The biomechanics of transosseous fixation
30' | Solomin L. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Monolateral fixation: basic principles, configurations, practical use
30' | Lerner А. (Zfat, Israel)

Principles of building circular external fixators
30' | Vilenskiy V. (St. Petersburg, Russia)



Current application of external fixation technologies (theoretical course). Part 3

Conversion from temporary external fixation to definitive external or internal fixation
30' | Tschelnkov А. (Zfat, Israel)

General principles of post-operative treatment
30' | Schepkina E. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Complications: prophylaxis and treatment
30' | Kulesh P. (St. Petersburg, Russia)



Pathologic fractures in oncology

Moderators: Machak G., Maxon А., Snetkov А. (Moscow, Russia)

Pathologic fractures in oncologic patients. State of the problem and unsolved issues
10' | Machak G. (Moscow, Russia)

Radiological diagnostics of pathologic fractures. Symptoms and differentiated diagnosis
10' | Morozov А. (Moscow, Russia)

Surgical treatment of pathologic fractures in oncology. Mistakes in the diagnostics and treatment. The experience of 62nd Moscow hospital
10' | Stchupak М. (Moscow, Russia)

Long bone involvement in multiple myeloma: indications for surgical treatment in hematological hospital
10' | Fedotov Е. (Moscow, Russia)

Benign tumors and tumor-like lesions of the skeleton, complicated with pathologic fracture. Current surgical strategies
10' | Snetkov А. (Moscow, Russia)

Clinical and radiological diagnostics of pathologic fractures in benign tumors and tumor-like lesions
10' | Tarasov А. (Astrakhan, Russia)

Our experience of the treatment of pathologic fractures in benign tumors and tumor-like lesions in the settings of RSMU hospital
10' | Gorbatenko А. (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

Pathological fractures of axial skeleton in oncologic patients
10' | Kuleshov А. (Moscow, Russia)

Results of differentiated surgical treatment of pathological spinal fractures in metastatic involvement
10' | Kosimshoev М. (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Not included in CME, with support of
2 Fidia Pharma
3 Diamed-Pharma
4 Biotechnos
5 Rompharm Company
6 Lilly Pharma
7 Bayer
8 Unifarm
9 Sanofi
10 Martinex

4 November

Hall 1


Round table

Mutltydisciplinary approach in the treatment of polytrauma patients

Moderators: Bagdasaryan V., Petrikov S. (Moscow, Russia), Stchegolev A. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Visualization in patients with severe multisystem injury
20' | Stepanchenko А. (Moscow, Russia)

Neurosurgeon challenges in severe multisystem injury
20' | Petrikov S. (Moscow, Russia)

Trauma surgeon challenges in severe multisystem injury
20' | Korobushkin G. (Moscow, Russia)

Surgeon challenges in severe multisystem injury
20' | Smolyar А. (Moscow, Russia)

10' |


Interactive round table

Practical questions in thoracic injuries

Moderators: Zavrazhnov А. (St. Petersburg, Russia), Korymasov Е. (Samara, Russia), Polyakov I. (Krasnodar, Russia
  • Who has to treat patient with ribs fracture?
  • Initial (qualified) help in ribs fractures
  • When thoracic surgeon has to be invited to treat the patient with thoracic injury?



Injuries of urogenital system

Moderators: Loran O., Bezrukov Е., Kotov S., Lazarev A. (Moscow, Russia)

Kidney injuries
15' | Bezrukov Е. (Moscow, Russia)

Bladder injuries
15' | Shibaev А. (Moscow, Russia)

Isolated urethra injuries
10' | Luck’yanov I. (Moscow, Russia)

Urethra injuries as part of pelvis fracture
15' | Zhivov A. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Occult injuries in pelvis fractures
15' | Lazarev A. (Moscow, Russia)

The correction of consequences of injuries of urethra, prostate and the neck of the bladder  
15' | Kotov S. (Moscow, Russia)

Injuries of external genitals
15' | Dzidzaria A. (Moscow, Russia)



The reconstruction of large soft-tissue defects

Moderators: Afanas’yev L. (Leninsk-Kuznetskiy,  Russia), Kochish A. (St. Petersburg, Russia), Kuzin V. (Moscow, Russia)

Team approach in the treatment of multisystem injury: trauma surgeon and combustiologist
10' | Nazarov Е.,Vvedenskiy A., Fokin I. (Ryazan’, Russia)

Results of vascularized bone grafting from medial condyle of femur for the treatment of non-unions and bone defects of upper extremities
10' | Mel’nikov V. (Moscow, Russia)

Limb replantation as the tool to avoid disability
10' |  Afanas’yev L. (Leninsk-Kuznetskiy,  Russia)

Current possibilities and perspectives in the coverage of large soft-tissue defects of lower limb
10' | Rodomanova L., Tsybul E. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Reconstructive surgery of the injuries of lower extremities
10' | Gritsyuk А. (Moscow, Russia)

Clinical case of successful treatment of explosive injury with open tibia and femur fractures and neurovascular bundle injury
10' | Seliverstov D. (Ryazan’, Russia)

Transposition of perfused tissues as preparation stage for tibia osteosynthesis
10' | Nevedrov А. (Moscow, Russia)

Sural flap: possibilities of application
10' | Fedarau К. (Minsk, Belarus)

Current possibilities of microsurgical reconstruction of the hindfoot
10' | Rodomanova L. (St. Petersburg, Russia)



Complications of injuries and diseases of locomotive system

Moderators: Gritsyuk А. (Moscow, Russia), Lobanov G. (Donetsk, Ukraine), Linnik S. (St. Petersburg, Russia), Miromanov А. (Chita, Russia)

How to decrease risks of death in combined and multiple injuries? 1
15' | Kopenkin S. (Moscow, Russia)

Diagnostics and treatment of retroperitoneal blood effusions
15' | Smolyar А. (Moscow, Russia)

Sacrum osteotomy and revision of sacrum channel in the treatment of neglected lumbo-sacral spinal injuries
10' | Lihotetov А. (Donetsk, Ukraine)

How to avoid complications during ilio-sacral screw fixation
10' | Bliznets D. (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

New protocol of treatment and staged classification of chronic osteomyelitis of long bones
10' | Semenistiy А. (Moscow, Russia)

The study of fatty acids in patients with chronic osteomyelitis
10' | Miromanov А. (Chita, Russia)

Custom-made articulated antibiotic-contained  spacer – the key for successful treatment of periprothetic infections in the humerus
10' | Fedotov E. (Bad-Neustadt-an-der-See, Deutschland)

Possibilities of septic complication forecast in long bones osteosynthesis
10' | Tkachenko А. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Hall 2



Challenges in the knee injuries

Moderators: Brizhan’ L., Zorya V., Sereda  А. (Moscow, Russia)

Justification of the two-column theory for the osteosynthesis of distal femoral fractures
15' | Belen’kiy I., Kochish A., Sergeev G., Mayorov B. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Peculiarities of intramedullary nailing on proximal tibia fractures
15' | Litvina Е. (Moscow, Russia)

Surgical treatment of impression fractures of tibial plateau
10' | Gilev M. (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Comminuted intraarticular proximal tibia fractures: treatment, gonarthrosis prophylaxis 
10' | Arsenyev I. (Moscow, Russia)

The rafting of articular surface as alternative to bone grafting
10' | Kupitman М. (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

Traumatic dislocations of tibia and their complications
10' | Morozov А. (Moscow, Russia)

Justification of surgical tactics in comminuted patella fractures
10' | Doshlova D. (Moscow, Russia)

Acute dislocations of patella: diagnostics and surgical treatment
10' | Chelnokova N. (Moscow, Russia)


Satellite symposium Sanofi (not included in CME)

Possibilities of non-surgical treatment of gonarthrosis

Moderator Zagorodniy N. (Moscow, Russia)

Current view on the diagnostics and treatment of osteoarthritis
30' | Badokin V. (Moscow, Russia)

Evolution of opinions on gonarthrosis development. Can we discuss Synvisc as alternative to joint replacement?
30' | Kuropatkin G. (Samara, Russia)

30' |



Treatment of elbow injuries and their consequences

Moderator Prohorenko V. (Новосибирск, Russia)

Efficacy of arthroscopic treatment of elbow post-traumatic arthrofibrosis
10' | Kalinskiy B. (Moscow, Russia)

Severe elbow injuries and their consequences – pathogenesis, features and treatment algorithm
15' | Arsenyev I. (Moscow, Russia)

Arthroscopic  treatment of lateral epicondilitys
10' | Salihov М. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

New decisions for minimally-invasive fixation of comminuted fractures of proximal ulna
10' | Ivashkin  А. (Moscow, Russia)

Individual radial head replacement in the treatment of unstable elbow fracture-dislocations
10' | Tyutyunnikov A. (Omsk, Russia)

Elbow arthroplasty
15' | Parkhomenko V. (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Radial head replacement: current opinions
10' | Ratyev A. (Moscow, Russia)

10' |



The knee. Injuries and pain syndromes

Moderators: Goncharov N., Lazishvili G, Lychagin А. (Moscow, Russia)

Surgical treatment of both ACL and PCL injuries
15' | Shulepov D. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Arthroscopic revisions after reconstruction of ACL in active sportsmen
10' | Mironov S., Orletskiy А.,Timchenko D., Sopin V. (Moscow, Russia)

Short-term results of arthroscopic reconstruction of ACL with the use of ALL-INSIDE technique
10' | Suchilin I. (Volgograd, Russia)

Revision arthroscopic grafting of ACL
10' | Korolev A.,Gerasimov D., Ryazantsev M., Logvinov A., Magnitskaya N. (Moscow, Russia)

Basic therapy in knee replacement 2
15' | Abolin A. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

The importance of antero-lateral ligament in stability of the knee in vivo and in vitro (anathomy)
15' | Goncharov E. (Moscow, Russia)

Pathogenic therapy of the chronic knee pain 2
15' | Strakhov M. (Moscow, Russia)



The knee. Injuries and pain syndromes - II

Moderators: Byalik Е., Lazko F. (Moscow, Russia), Kirpichev I. (Ivanovo, Russia)

The role of medicines in early stages of avascular necrosis of the knee 3
15' | Torgashin А. (Moscow, Russia)

The treatment of knee instability with reconstruction of the antero-lateral ligament
10' | Goncharov E. (Moscow, Russia)

Arthroscopic treatment of the total knee instability
10' | Mironov S., Orletskiy А., Butkova L., Kostava T. (Moscow, Russia)

Activation of osteogenesis with low-frequency ultrasound
10' | Reznik L., Rozhkov K., Pen’kov E., Kotov D. (Omsk, Russia)

Evaluation of bioresorbable screws and bone tissue at the long-term follow-up after ACL reconstruction
10' | Zvezdkina E.,Dzhambinova E., Ahpashev А., Lesnyak V.,Agsamov D.,Kanaev A., Zagorodniy N. (Moscow, Russia)

Comprehensive rehabilitation of soccer players after arthroscopic ACL reconstruction 
10' | Kodin A. (Vladimir, Russia)

Analysis and modeling of instantaneous axes of rotation in the human knee
10' | Kirichenko А. (Moscow, Russia)

15' |

Hall 3



The treatment of patients with proximal femoral fractures

Moderators: Gilfanov S.,Dubrov V. (Moscow, Russia)

The protocol of treatment of patients with proximal femoral fractures
20' | Dubrov V. (Moscow, Russia)

I choose dynamic fixator
10' | Ushakov S. (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

I choose static fixator
10' | Maksimov B (Moscow, Russia)

Indications and peculiarities of hip replacement in extraarticular proximal femoral fractures
20' | Roth A (Leipzig, Germany)

Reduction in trochanteric fractures
10' | Tchelnokov A. (Zfat, Israel)

Instability of THA.  тазобедренного сустава после эндопротезирования. Grounds and correction possibilities  
15' | Korytkin A. (Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia)

The role of medical comorbidities in the surgical treatment of proximal femoral fractures
15' | Ustyantsev D. (Leninsk-Kuznetskiy,  Russia)



The treatment of acetabular fractures and their consequences

Moderators: Voloshin V., Davydov D., Litvina E. (Moscow, Russia)

The role of minimally-invasive methods in surgical treatment of acetabular fractures
10' | Myl’nikov A. (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)

Osteosynthesis of acetabulum as preparation stage for joint replacement
10' | Grin’ А. (Tyumen’, Russia)

The treatment of acetabular fractures in elderly
15' | Donchenko S. (Moscow, Russia)

Hip replacement in acetabular fractures
15' | Zagorodniy N. (Moscow, Russia)

The preparation of pelvis for THA in patients with neglected acetabular fractures
10' | Runkov A. (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

The challenges of  surgical treatment of neglected acetabular fractures
10' | Musaev М. (Moscow, Russia)

Peculiarities of hip replacement in consequences of acetabular fractures
15' | Shubniakov I. (St. Petersburg, Russia)



Challenges in the treatment of consequences of knee injuries

Moderators: Zagorodniy N.. (Moscow, Russia), Kuropatkin G. (Samara, Russia)

Peculiarities of knee replacement after fractures in the knee region
15' | Kuropatkin G. (Samara, Russia)

TKA after intraarticular fractures of femoral and tibial condyles
15' | Kuzin V. (Moscow, Russia)

Infections after osteosynthesis and arthroplasty – new concept of the prophylaxis and treatment
15' | Trampuz A. (Berlin, Germany)

Preoperative planning of TKA in posttraumatic arthrosis
15' | Zadorozhniy S. (Riga, Latvia)

TKA in extraarticular bone deformities
15' | Rukin Ya. (Moscow, Russia)

Current use of hyaluronic acids in the treatment of osteoarthritis 3
15' | Strakhov M. (Moscow, Russia)



Shoulder injuries in sports: multimodal radiologic diagnostics and treatment methods

Moderators: Ahmedzhanov F., Korolev A., Saltykova V. (Moscow, Russia)

The criteria of quality of radiological diagnostics of the shoulder – the surgeon’s perspective. The possibilities of current methods of  radiological diagnostics of the shoulder’s injuries – the radiologist’s perspective.
10' | Ahmedzhanov F. (Moscow, Russia)

Shoulder injuries. Review. Symptoms. Diagnostics, Treatment.
15' | Lazko F., Kanaev A., Ptitsyn K., Zheltikov D., Akimov N. (Moscow, Russia)

The possibilities of US-diagnostics in shoulder  sports injuries
15' | Saltykova V.  (Moscow, Russia)

The operated shoulder
15' | Banerzhi  М. (Cologne, Germany)

Diagnostics and treatment of post-traumatic shoulder instability
15' | Fedoruk G. (Moscow, Russia)

Non-operative treatment of shoulder injuries in active people
10' | Bezuglov E. (Moscow, Russia)

The possibilities of rotator cuff injuries diagnostics with the use of low-field MRI
10' | Hovanskaya N., Laypanova D. (Moscow, Russia)



The treatment of shoulder injuries and their consequences

Moderators: Makarov S., Gorohov V., Ratyev A. (Moscow, Russia)

Primary shoulder replacement in complex proximal humeral fractures
10' | Gorohov V. (Moscow, Russia)

Do we need neurologist in complex proximal humeral fractures and fracture-dislocations?
10' | Gulnazarova S. (Yekaterinburg, Russia)

Diagnostics and treatment of posterior shoulder dislocations
10' | Kondyryov N. (Moscow, Russia)

The treatment of humerus fractures with associated radial nerve injury
10' | Bogolyubskiy Yu. (Moscow, Russia)

Surgical and non-surgical treatment of intraarticular proximal humeral fractures
10' | Bosykh V. (Moscow, Russia)

Peculiarities of shoulder fracture-dislocations
10' | Egiazaryan K., Ratyev A., Kuruch E., Kuznetsov V. (Podolsk, Russia)

Severe proximal humeral fractures in the elderly patients
10' | Titov R. (Moscow, Russia)

Shoulder arthroplasty
10' | Pavlov D. (Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia)

Shoulder arthrodesis
10' | Voronkevich I., Gerazhenko N. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Hall 4



Big problems from small segments injuries

Moderators : Koryshkov N. (Moscow, Russia), Pakhomov I. (Novosibirsk, Russia), Samoday V. (Voronezh, Russia)

Open foot and tibia fractures: amputation or not?
20' | Shtarker Е. (Nagaria, Israel)

Foot-saving after lower leg compartment syndrome
20' | Kirienko A. (Milano, Italy)

Ankle arthrodesis or replacement
10' | Pakhomov I. (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Surgical correction of hindfoot in patients with asymmetrical ankle arthritis
10' | Zeynalov V. (Moscow, Russia)

Foot injuries in severe polytrauma
10' | Korolev M. (Moscow, Russia)

Possibilities of reconstructive surgery in  the treatment of non-unions and infection complications of lower leg fractures
10' | Samoday V. (Voronezh, Russia)

Peculiarities of metacarpal and finger bones fractures treatment in polytrauma patients
10' | Germanova I. (Moscow, Russia)



Current application of external fixation technologies. Practical course - I

Main manipulations for the building trans-osseous device on the example of circular frame (distal femur)
60' | Schepkina E. (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Fracture stabilization with tubular fixator (distal tibia)
60' | Lerner A. (Zfat, Israel)

Fracture fixation with circular frame (proximal tibia)
60' | Vilenkiy V. (St. Petersburg, Russia)



Current application of external fixation technologies. Practical course - II

Conversion from tubular fixator to the circular one (distal tibia)
60' | Lerner A. (Zfat, Israel)

Conversion from external fixation to internal in proximal tibia fractures
60' | Tchelnokov A. (Zfat, Israel)

Conversion from external fixation to internal in distal femoral fractures
60' | Schepkina E., Sabirov F. (St. Petersburg, Russia)


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